Living with Hemochromatosis 3

Iron Overload

This is an ongoing blog about my journey and daily life after the diagnosis of Hemochromatosis.  I am writing this blog to help others who suffer from this disease to know they are not alone AND to help me release some of what I am going through.

Feb 29.

Today is not a good day for me; my joints are hurting, my depression is at a high level and I dont have the energy to crawl out of a wet paper bag.  But I refuse to give up, I refuse to waste this day.  No matter how I feel, today cannot be regained once it is over and I want to make the best of it I can on any level.  I know the Holy Spirit is here with me helping me every step of this day.  I do not need to worry about tomorrow, because it will be here soon enough.  I have a beautiful 6 month Foster infant to care for and she gives me motivation to get up out of the bed and try my best no matter how small or great that effort ends up being.  I have been thinking a lot about the future and what it might look like.  I do not worry about the future, that is God’s job.  But with what I am dealing with, my question is how do I want to go forward??  On top of my own medical troubles, my husband has Rheumatoid Arthritis and my own disease has opened my eyes even more to what he lives through and I understand more about the things he says and our future together.  In the days ahead I plan to do a lot of praying to be sure ideas and plans are in His will for me and us.  As for today, just writing this update is accomplishing something which is better than nothing and sleeping the day away inbetween baby feedings.  I’ve got to remember life is what we make of it, sick or not, life is a beautiful gift.


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