End Times & False Prophets

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Someone recently said to me to check out Prophetic Mark Taylor, in their excitement they told me all about how Trump is going to redeem America and has changed Gods course of action against America. It has taken me a while to visit You Tube and to review his prophetic messages to God’s people. Today especially it was weighing on my mind. I see that there is a lot of fodder for proving his predictions and disproving. I believe prophecy is alive and well today, but I also believe there are more fake or false prophetic messages out there and it can be difficult to know which is truth and which is false. My belief is scripturally based on Acts 2:17.  I decided to look further for more information….and I came across this very insightful writing from “Study – Grow – Know, Ministries”. I do not agree with all his points, in fact some I think are wrong and more denominational than scriptural. But there are a few paragraphs that really caught my attention and the Holy Spirit, said listen carefully….. Here are those paragraphs that are insightful…

Prophecy “from the Mark Taylors of the world is that they all imply one very sad thing without saying it. They imply that God is not in control at all and if the Church remains silent or fails to take up her mantle of responsibility, then God cannot be victorious. This is clear when he says that “our job is to not let them” in referencing the spirits of Jezebel and Pharisaism that are attempting to control society.
In short, like Mark Taylor, Thompson believes that Donald Trump is God’s choice for the next president of the USA. What I find fascinating is that it appears as though God needs our help. Without our prayers, without our efforts, without our ability to recognize lies and ignore them, Donald Trump just might not win. What does that say about what these men are teaching about God?
There are people on YouTube who also call themselves prophets and believe that Donald Trump won’t be president. Who’s right? I think God has already decided who will be America’s next president and I don’t think He needs to let anyone know ahead of time by bringing them up to the “third heaven” where they can speak with angels to learn about it.
Here’s what we know. Jesus told us that we essentially have one job to do as Christians. That job is the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:16-20. That is our job, our commission. It is not to worry about this political leader or that one. It is to evangelize the lost. This is how we glorify God in Christ. It is not through politics. While we can and should vote, our job given to us by Jesus Himself, is to evangelize the lost.
Instead, too many Christians are worried about the “destruction” of America. The 150,000 people who die daily? No worries, but let’s be sure to enter into spiritual prayer warfare about the next president.
Christians need to have their heads on straight and wrapped around God’s Word, not some self-proclaimed prophet or apostle who has no clue and speaks from his vain imaginings.
The lost and dying need Christ. Who will tell them if Christians are too busy involved in politics?”

What caused me to stop and think deeper are a few points the writer stated. The first being the disputed notion God needs our help to accomplish something. God does not need our help for anything, He can certainly accomplish everything without our help. But His word does instruct us to do several things, Mark 16:15 tells us to spread the Gospel to all ends of the earth. Matthew 7:15-20 tells us to beware of False Prophets in sheeps clothing (there are many other scriptures to this point as well), and then theres the instruction to be on watch for the signs of the return of Christ; Acts, 1 Corinth, Thess., on so on.  Lastly in this reference He reminds us that a divided people cannot prevail – Mark 3:25 and we need to work towards living together in love.

So what does this all mean? We must be very careful of people stating they have prophetic words for the future, for they could be false prophets in sheeps clothing. Further more we really don’t need others to tell us the future.  The Bible gives us all the instruction we need to see where we are on the timeline ourselves. All we have to do is read and listen to the Holy Spirit speaking within us. Anytime anyone claims something cannot be done without our prayers, is dangerously dangling on a highwire about to break. GOD DOES NOT need us to accomplish anything!! Does He want us to pray? YES, Does he want us to help fight spiritual warfare with our prayers and petitions YES!! BUT He does NOT NEED us to accomplish things. There is a big difference between commanding us to do things and needing us to do things so He can accomplish. The slight twist on words shows us the truth between prophet and false prophet.

We are commanded to watch for signs of Jesus second coming. The Bible itself tells us exactly what to look for, we do not need someone else to tell us when, if we are reading the Bible as God has told us to do. Is it helpful for others to inform us? Yes it is, but its also very tricky because one false word among many can fool us if we are not careful and biblically read up. The Bible also clearly states we will not know the day or time and anyone who predicts such is a lier; Matt 24:36, and I believe the not knowing is for our own good. Who after all would not fret and worry because you knew the day? God clearly tells us not to worry, that it is sinful, so He is not going to give us information that would cause sin. However, just because we don’t know when exactly,we are not to be totally caught off guard either. I highly recommend reading Matthew 24 to understand this better. There are many other scriptures also; like 1 Thess. 5.

The easy road to destruction is division.  It happens daily world wide.  Division in reglious views, division in our homes, division between races and division in political views.  These are all distractions or more bluntly…EVIL in sheeps clothing.  Unified we prosper, divided we fall, pure and simple.  If all people knew and understood Mark 3:25, we would live in a more peaceful world.

In conclusion: There will be people who say they know and want you to listen to them. Some will be called prophets, apostles, etc. But be very careful for the majority will be false with only a twist of a word or two; being very convincing. Do not lean on them for where we are on the timeline or signs of the end. Instead turn to the Holy Spirit and scriptures and trust Him to give you understanding. Whenever we ask such things He answers and He will show you exactly where we are and what you should know. The portion of the article I posted is a good example of twists and turns that can sound correct and convincing but in it is destruction. So if this isn’t the truth, where do we turn to find it??? It is found in our Bibles and the Holy Spirit. God does not want us to be afraid or fearful of the end of times, He just wants us to be watching for it. If anything invokes fear or intrepidation in your spirit, it is not of God. For God is love and fear is evil.  If something causes division then it also is not of God, but evil.  Think a minute about our political world today and how much strife and division it causes its not where God wants our minds.  Nor is it in the race wars, nor in the church denomination wars.  What He wants is for us to be unified in the Word of the Holy Bible and listening to Him directly not others who just might lead us astray.  We need to STOP the madness and listen to the Holy Spirit given to us by Our Heavenly Father by the crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross.  All the bickering and division is not of God nor is any said prophet who causes strife through predictions.  It is deception disguised as good.