Miracles Happen

This is a true short story.
God answers all prayers, even those lifted up in the heat of a moment. God has answered so many of my prayers it would take all day to list them. But I want to share one in particular with you. It was mid-June, and the hot summer heat in Clarksville AR was reaching over 100 degrees.  My son Matt and I travelled toward California to his new Tech Grad program in Rancho Cucamonga. It was a tough time, it was 2009, and the previous year had nearly devasted my husband and I financially.
Matt and I were travelling on a very tiny budget from East Tennessee to California. On our journey as we crested the top of a steep hill the Blazer conked out completely. We are on the side of the road with engine hood up, Matt (just graduated from UTI Auto Tech Secondary School) was looking to see if he can fix it.  We were on our second day travelling and it was horribly hot.  Our budget did not include money for repairs let a lone towing.  We were stranded and out of options at that moment.  Desperate, I say outloud, God We Need A Miracle right now.
Within a few minutes a truck pulls up containing a husband and wife.  They say, “we passed you and felt like we were supposed to turn around and see if we can help.” My son and I are very skeptical of highway stalkers, looking at each other reading each other minds that this could be very dangerous.  However we were in such a desperate situation, we decided to accept their offer to sit inside the truck in the AC while we figure out what to do. As we craw into the back of the crewcab, the man gets on the cell and calls a towing company.  He arranges the tow of our vehicle back to the last exit where a motel was located.  He then offers to drive us there while our blazer was in transit there.
We arrive safely and the tow cost $100… money we really didnt have to spend because it would cut the budget too short to get to california. The hotel discounted our room 🙂 . The man and woman tell us they got a room for the night too. With Stalker thoughts in our minds we are again weary. Matt and I discuss the crazy fact of who picks up strangers takes them to a hotel and gets a room beside them?  Stalkers thats who!  The man knocks on our room door and offers to drive Matt to the nearest store to buy some parts to try to fix the vehicle, Ugh more money.   As they went in search of a parts store, I was left with the mans wife.  She tells me about her spiritual journey and I was very touched and let down my guard a little more with her open candor.
The men arrive back with a few things the man paid for and my son tries to fix the car without a positive result.  Meanwhile, I have been in touch with my husband during the whole time.  I call him again and tell him we are stranded and Matt cannot fix the blazer here.  My husband prepares to make the 10-12 hour drive to where we are and swap vehicles for us to finish our journey to California. That same night the couple knocked on our door and invited us to dinner, we agreed. We arrived at a Mexican Style Restaurant and ate very good.  I went to pay for our portion of the food and the waiter tells me no charge, the man I’m with took care of it. Looking back at our table and the strangers smile, I am speechless. The evening was filled with good conversation that continued even after we travelled back to the motel. At the end of the evening the man came to me and hands me $100. saying its not a loan, I know you could’nt afford that tow bill, hopefully this will get you to California, your son is quite a wonderful young man. Shocked at the generosity of this man, I didn’t know whether to accept the gift or not.  At that moment I recalled my open prayer for a miracle just earlier that day.  I asked him why did he do all this for us? We are complete strangers to each other. He simply said he had done this before, when he gets the feeling someone really needs help he answers. He told me of other stories where he and his wife had helped others.
Matt and I went to sleep that night exhausted, but our bellies were full and we were safe in a cozy bed.  We woke up early the next morning and went to the couple’s room hoping to share the continential breakfast with them. They were gone. We never saw them again, although I did call a few times to report Matts progress at the Grad program and to thank them for their generosity and answer to God’s prompting.  We lost touch soon after unfortunately.
God answered my request for a miracle that day and I will never forget it. Miracles happen everyday all around us, God answers prayers in so many ways, we just need to keep our eyes open a little bit more to see them.


Hands! I love the hands of a wise woman.  She is elderly in years yet has the wisdom young can only hope for.  Her experiences are broad and humbling, yet to be discovered by her juniors. Her gray hair glistens in the sunlight yet pales in comparison to the exquiste beauty within her precious hands.  There is great value in those soft aging hands of our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Oh! the babies those hands have rocked gently to sleep, the endless hours of diligently snapping green beans on hot summer days, carefully hand mending clothes, bandaging boo-boos, gentle weeping over things she wishes she could have prevented. And most of all the endless hours on her worn knees with folded hands in prayer to the Father asking for provision, love and protection for her children and family.  Her hands with every wrinkle, crease, age spot and scar reveal the real story of life without ever saying a single word.


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